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In workshops for service, washing and repairs, a variety of products and tools are used. To simplify your purchases, we have collected an assortment that ensures that you get the job done smoothly and safely. You will find industrial rollers, oil cloths, car care products, hand tools, protective products, relief mats, mechanic gloves, clothes, shoes and much more. Discover how easy it is to collect your purchases with us and shop at the best prices on the market.

Två påsar kaffe placerade på en stol, den ena bredvid den andra.

Discover Rubinen's Coffee Roastery.

Affordable and so delicious, with nutty and chocolaty notes. You haven't missed our tasty coffee blends and beans from Rubinens Kafferosteri, have you? The beans in our coffee blends are carefully selected and roasted with a slow roast process to bring out the best in each bean and provide a more balanced flavor. Good things come to those who wait, and you can expect a great cup of coffee.

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En kvinna i svart skjorta och svarta byxor går bredvid en gaffeltruck. Svalare arbetskläder.

Workwear for Summer Weather.

Cool workwear during a hot workday makes a difference. With breathable, airy, and comfortable clothing, it’s easier to stay focused on the job. Check out our range of workwear for the warm summer workdays.

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Med rätt skor kan du gå långt.

Tar du hand om dina fötter och tänker igenom vilka skor du väljer att ha på dem kan du komma långt. Hos oss hittar du skorna för just din bransch. Allt för att underlätta din arbetsdag. Ta hjälp av vår guide och hitta det som blir bäst för dig och dina fötter.

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Panter powered by Tingstad

Make it circulate – Be a Panter!

With our solution for reusable items, Panter powered by Tingstad, you have the opportunity to give your customers a more sustainable take-away experience! The customer scans, borrows, and returns. It's actually that simple. With our reusable cups and containers, you get products that can circulate 500 times. Join today, just like over 750 customers already have!

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Katalogen "Hållbarhetsredovisning 2023" upplagd på ett träbord med en kopp cappuccino brevid.

Did we achieve our goals in 2023?

In our Sustainability Report, we explain how we have identified which goals we should work with and report what we have worked with within each goal and how we have succeeded in achieving them.



Branschsida: Hantverkare

A craftsman is the typical example of someone who gets things done. With the hands as their main work tool, craftsmen can take on everything from electricity, carpentry, plumbing, plumbing, tiling, sheet metal work, painting and wallpapering and more. You who are craftsman will find a large part of what you need to simplify your working day at

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For a safer workplace.

Be prepared if any accident were to happen at your workplace. We offer first aid kits suitable for all types of workplaces.

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We are certified to ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental, and 9001: 2015 for Quality. Read more about what this means for our customers and about our environmental work.

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''Many see e-commerce as competition, but we see it as an opportunity.'

Gummigubben is an established company in the tire industry. See the film about the future of the company and how they use their suppliers.

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