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AI Usage Policy

Welcome to!

We strive to offer a versatile and accessible shopping experience for our customers worldwide and want to be completely transparent about how we do this.
Read our AI policy to gain insight into how we actively work to create a platform where you as a customer can feel completely at home. "We have it" and "Make your everyday life easier" are not just words for us, but our driving force to create a seamless and rewarding shopping experience for you and your company.

Use of AI for Translation on

To make our range more accessible to different language groups, we have implemented artificial intelligence (AI) for translation of product descriptions.

How it works:

Our product descriptions are originally always written by humans in Swedish or provided by our suppliers. To make these descriptions available in different languages, we use AI to translate them automatically. These translations are clearly marked as "Translated by AI" and are followed by a link to this policy.

Our commitment:

We understand the importance of accurate and understandable product descriptions. Therefore, we reserve the right to correct any errors that may occur during the AI translation process. Our goal is to ensure that each translation is of high quality and corresponds to the original description in Swedish.

Control and Editing:

All AI translations will undergo human control and editing before they are permanently published. During this transition period, when products have been translated using AI, you will see a marking and a link to this policy. We actively work to ensure that each product description meets our quality standards.

Report any errors:

We appreciate your feedback! If you discover any errors or have suggestions for improvements on the translations, do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to creating a positive and smooth shopping experience for you.

Thank you for being a part of


If you have any questions about this, you can of course always contact customer service who will assist you.

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